CinePointe recognizes that film financiers are the lifeblood of independent film. We are committed to helping them evaluate the business aspects of potential investments. Our team has broad expertise in working with both financiers and producers to vet financing structures and overall packages for independent films and film slates, and identify most appropriate partners.

Source financing

-We have a network of domestic and international financiers who offer senior debt, soft money, equity and pre-sales

-Matchmaking with like-minded financiers

-Identifying production and international co-production partners

Project due diligence

-Vet all proposed investment parties and potential partners

-Assess key talent and HODs

Financial Analysis

-Evaluate/vet proposed investment structures, production budgets, deal terms

-Advise on business implications of setting films up in certain locations, or through certain structures

-Help get more “bang for your buck”

Manage on-going communications during production

-Interface w legal, co-financiers & producers

Agreements – production services/financing/delivery

-Will work with production attorneys to insure that all are cohesive and consistent

-Will evaluate and negotiate delivery schedules to advise on budget impact of requirements

Tax incentives

-Identifying best locations for a given project (domestic & international)

-Coordination and prep of incentive applications

Collection accounts

-Can recommend collection agencies most suitable to production size/scope

-CAMA review

Introductory services

-Setting up meetings with packaging agents, producers, US distributors and sales companies

-Festival representation

-NY/LA/London/Paris/Latin America/Australia/China (?) – to be discussed