We have worked extensively with independent film producers and production companies as the in-house; business affairs team, negotiating and managing deals and administering the documentation required to make and distribute a film, in keeping with industry standards

Chain of Title

- Review existing underlying rights agreements and/or negotiating deals to create or complete chain of title (e.g., literary, life rights, screenplay purchase and writer agreements)

- Submitting copyright registrations for the screenplay the U.S. Copyright Office

Registering all other necessary rights assignments with the USCO

- Creating Chain of Title summaries for financiers and distributors

Key Personnel, Services and Production related documentation

- Negotiating deals for all of the "above-the- line and key “below the line” personnel (e.g. principal cast, director, producers, key department heads, etc.)

- Supplying production personnel with industry-standard customary forms for locations, clearances, releases, licenses, crew, daily/weekly players, etc.

- Reviewing script clearance reports and advising on any potential clearance or product placement issues

- Support in preparing the film for delivery, including reviewing credits and other required documents

- Providing general business guidance with respect to production related issues and engaging with special counsel as needed (e.g., work visas, labor law issues, special clearance circumstances, etc.)

- Review archival and stock footage licenses to ensure compliance with delivery requirements

Guild/Union Signatory Applications

- Advise on establishing appropriate business structures related to the guilds and unions security interests

- Assisting with guild and union signatory applications (e.g., SAG, DGA, WGA, IATSE)

Music Licensing

- Providing guidance with respect to music-related matters

- Work with the music supervisor to ensure delivery compliance regarding musical elements used in the film

- Review synch and master licenses in accordance with delivery requirements


- Review and negotiate delivery schedules for distributors and sales agents

- Advise on budget impact of deliverables

- Work with production and postproduction staff to flag potential delivery defects and ensure that document delivery will meet distributor standards

- Coordinate and track delivery of all required documents

- Assist in curing any delivery defects