Financing and Sales

Our team has extensive expertise in working with projects of all levels to put together the financing and sales package for independent films and film slates, including:

  • Sourcing financing (senior debt, soft money, equity & pre-sales)
  • Attaching a sales agent
  • Providing due-diligence for and about financing and production entities
  • Setting up meetings in NY/LA with packaging agents, producers, US distributors and sales companies
  • Searching for producing and/or international co-production partners
  • Advising on the business implications of proposed financing structures and deals
  • Consulting on deals for foreign sales (sales agency agreements and territorial pre-sales)
  • Working with the production's attorneys to insure that the financing and production service agreements are cohesive and consistent
  • Evaluating and negotiating delivery schedules, and advising on budget impact of delivery requirements
  • Assisting with the coordination and preparation of tax incentive applications


We have worked extensively with independent film producers and production companies as the "in-house" business affairs team to manage deals and administer the documentation required to make and distribute a film in keeping with industry standards, including:

  • Negotiating deals for a film's underlying rights (e.g., literary, life rights, screenplay purchase and writer agreements)
  • Submitting copyright registrations to the U.S. Copyright Office for the film as necessary
  • Negotiating business terms of agreements for the "above-the-line" and key "below the line" personnel
  • Supplying production personnel with typical industry-standard forms for locations, clearances, releases, licenses, crew, cast, etc.
  • Assisting with guild signatory applications (e.g., SAG, DGA, WGA)
  • Reviewing script clearance reports and advising on any potential clearance or product placement issues
  • Providing guidance and assistance with respect to music-related matters and/or licenses
  • Advising on general production and location issues
  • Support in preparing the film for delivery, including reviewing credits and other required documents
  • Assisting foreign producers in establishing appropriate business structures, provide guidance on US film industry standards, including guild requirements, advise on MPAA registrations and ratings, review budgets, and make referrals for legal and tax advice as appropriate


We specialize in helping manage and maximize revenues from their various film entities and films for which they still retain ownership or revenue sharing rights, including:

  • Setting up buyer screenings
  • Liaising with domestic distributor & foreign sales agent/buyer representatives  
  • Statement tracking, review and collections
  • Third party royalty reporting
  • Advising on second cycle sales
  • Management of secondary and ancillary rights (including clip licensing, merchandising, and music rights)
  • Consulting on audit options, coordination of audits, and evaluation of settlement proposals


  • Providing on-the-ground representation at major festivals and markets
  • Evaluating the script and other creative elements to discern where the project sits in the marketplace with regard to festivals and potential sales
  • Assembling a marketing and creative team (publicists, to execute strategies audience and buyer interest)

For Investors

CinePointe Advisors recognizes that film financiers are the lifeblood of independent film and we are committed to helping them evaluate the business aspects of potential investments and work with the project's producers to increase the return on investment where possible. Our investor services include:

  • Providing a financial analysis of proposed investment structures and production budgets
  • Managing the research/due diligence on parties involved in proposed investments, including key talent and physical production personnel
  • Acting as the "eyes and ears" of the investor during production, including liaising with production personnel, reviewing cost reports, and advising on production issues as appropriate
  • Assessing projects and packages for commercial viability
  • Managing ongoing communications between project parties (e.g., legal, co-financiers & producers)
  • Matchmaking with other like-minded financiers
  • Providing ongoing management of investment portfolios, including:
    • Oversight of sales and collection activity, statement review, and active collections if needed
    • Advising on second cycle sales
    • Management of secondary and ancillary rights (including clip licensing, merchandising and music rights)
    • Consulting on audit options, coordination of audits and evaluation of settlement proposals