We provide a 360-degree review of the financial, creative and marketing elements of an individual project in order to create the most sounds business plan and execution strategy.We offer full-service packages, from development through delivery, or will tailor offerings to specific client needs.

We evaluate the best routes to getting projects out there at various stages of development – from script evaluation, identifying audiences, and pitching, to advising on key creative elements in order to best position projects.

We recognize that film financiers are the lifeblood of independent film. We are committed to helping them evaluate the business aspects of potential investments. Our team has broad expertise in working with both financiers and producers to vet financing structures and overall packages for independent films and film slates, and identify most appropriate partners.

We have worked extensively with independent film producers and production companies as the "in-house" business affairs team, negotiating and managing deals and administering the documentation required to make and distribute a film, in keeping with industry standards

We guide producers through the sales and distribution process, and can assemble creative teams to execute strategy. We will act as a producer’s rep, will discern where a project sits in the marketplace with regard to festivals and potential sales, gauge buyer interest and will represent clients at festivals and markets.

We specialize in managing and maximizing revenues from completed film projects, including secondary and ancillary rights management, statement and revenue tracking and active collection of unpaid revenues.